West Pittston Police Investigate Unusual Theft

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WEST PITTSTON -- The owners of Old Mill Pine Hardware in West Pittston called it unbelievable.

Around 5 a.m. Friday morning someone stole about 2,000 pounds worth of radiators from outside the store on Exeter Avenue in the borough.

The owners of the hardware store had planned to take the radiators to a scrap yard.

A surveillance camera was on and West Pittston police said they are reviewing the video of a sedan taking off from the store.

"You have people that take advantage of people and that's the way the world is. It's a shame, but it's a fact of life," said Robert Smith of West Pittston, a customer at the store.

"It's pretty close to home, I mean people coming that close and you know stealing things and all of a sudden you know, the burglaries, too," said Brian Vandermark who lives across the street from the store.

West Pittston was hit hard by flooding one year ago. The borough is still trying to recover and recently, police said there has been a spike in crime, both burglaries and theft.

"The flood hurt so many people and to see this go on afterwards, it's just doing a number on the town," said Brian Ratchford of West Pittston.

"It used to be a really really quiet town and now anymore, it's ridiculous," said Vandermark.

A West Pittston police officer said he has alerted local scrap yards in case the thief tries to cash in with the radiators.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call 911 and ask for West Pittston Police.