Fire Destroys Two Homes In Ashland

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ASHLAND -- Friday morning was a hectic one for firefighters in Schuylkill County. They were called to two homes on fire in Ashland.

Pictures sent into PhotoLink show the fire on Walnut St. in Ashland. The heaviest damage was in the rear.

The fire was stubborn. Nearly an hour after the alarm was called in, flames could still be seen.

Jose Reydes said he was doing some repairs in his friends home and decided to take a break.

"I was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee when I heard a neighbor screaming the house was on fire," Reydes said.

Neighbor Steve McIntyre said the fire was fast moving.

"Before you could count to 10 the whole roof was gone. You can see on that house upon the corner the siding is melted and that house is four houses away," McIntyre said.

Another neighbor, Debbie Moyer, did what she could do to help firefighters. She grabbed drinks from her refrigerator and passed them out to the overheated first responders. Moyer said she saw the fire start.

"In between the two homes there, I saw one bright orange flame go up. I think that`s where it started and I saw it explode and it was a little unnerving," Moyer said.

Residents stood on their porches and in the street to see firefighters battle the flames.

Steve McIntyre said he'll help his neighbor rebuild.

"I'll give him a hand, we'll give Kurt a hand he's all right, everybody's out,everybody is safe thats the best news we can have," McIntyre said.

The cause of the fire is undetermined and a State Police fire marshal has been called in to investigate.