Students Celebrate Former Teacher’s 100th Birthday

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- A longtime school teacher in Lycoming County received birthday greetings from some students who attend the Christian school where she used to work.

With balloons and birthday cards in hand, students from the Mountain View Christian School in South Williamsport went to the door looking for one very special birthday gal.

When Kathryn Kreger came out, students sang the very tune she'd heard 99 times before on this date.

They handed her the cards with birthday wishes and even a necklace with 100 balloons.

Kreger has now joined her husband, Herman, at the century mark.

"I don't know, the Lord has let us live a long life, we give him all the credit for what we get," Kreger said.

For 27 years, Kathryn Kreger taught children like these boys and girls.

Kayla Pryor is decades younger than Kreger and is in awe of her longevity.

"It's crazy, I'm 12 right now. To think of making 100, it's out of there," Pryor said.

"This is huge, for anybody to reach 100 years old, then she's married to a 100 year old. That's fantastic," Frank Stahl of Mountain View Christian School said.

All these years, Kathryn Kreger says her Lord has let her and her husband live long lives, and in turn, touch many lives through teaching.

"To see these young children here, does that make you feel special today? Sure does. I've probably had some of the grandchildren of the people I taught," Kreger said.