Rebuilding the Turbotville Train Station

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TURBOTVILLE -- It has been a long road for volunteers in Northumberland County who are working on the Turbotville train station. In August, a wind storm collapsed the historic train station, which was in the process of being refurbished.

In less than two hours, volunteers in Northumberland County put up the framework for the new Turbotville train station.

The original train station was built in Turbotville in 1886. Years later it was moved to Bloomsburg, but recently it was brought back to its hometown and restored.

It has been a tough time for the train station ever since.

"Everything seemed to be going really well until Saturday, August 4. We had a terrible windstorm and it collapsed the building," Sechler said.

Mike Sechler with the Turbotville Borough Heritage Society is heading the restoration project. Just five weeks ago, the train station was a pile of wood. But now with the help of donations, fundraisers and dedicated volunteers, work is progressing.

"I had told the people before that if we all stick together, we'll get it back up and that's what we're doing," Frank Cotner said.

The framing on the train station is new because most of the wood from the original train station could not be salvaged from the storm. But Sechler says some of the materials are being reused from the original train station.

"We have managed to save both of the original freight doors, the rolling freight doors, the two entry doors and all of the windows," Sechler said.

Sechler says the new lumber will be much stronger to hopefully prevent more storm damage. The group hopes to have the Turbotville train station finished by next summer, so it can be used to host events and concerts for the community.