Farmer’s Almanac No Match for Caterpillar

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As the weather gets cooler, it`s a reminder winter is right around the corner. But what kind of weather should our region expect?

The Farmer`s Almanac breaks down the winter by week, and even talks about snowfall totals.

But not everyone believes this book and some go by mother nature.

Two years ago it seemed the snow didn`t stop. Then last year, it seemed like winter really never arrived.

But this year the Farmer's Almanac says the winter will be a snowy, wet and blustery one.

"I`m packing up and I`m leaving right now," said Chris Ackerman of Daleville.

"I have to see it to believe it. I mean, who can predict the weather tomorrow?" said Noor Abdelall of Cresco.

At ACE Hardware in Mount Pocono, after hearing the winter report, no one is getting the urge to stock up on winter weather accessories of shovels, salt and snow blowers.

But Chris Ackerman says those aren`t the accessories one really needs if old man winter is going to be pummeling the Poconos.

Ackerman agrees you'll need bread and milk.  She also adds, "And eggs, don`t forget the eggs," said Ackerman.

While the Farmer`s Almanac says that this winter is going to be snowy, wet and blustery winter, one Poconos resident says forget the almanac.  What you have to do is head into the woods, and it all comes down to the Wooly Bear Caterpillar, who some believe is the best winter weather predictor.

"If they're solid black, it's going to be a bad winter. I'm hoping for a bad winter," said Dick Kilmer of Moscow.

We looked everywhere for the Wooly Bear caterpillar to see if his predictions would hold up against the Farmer`s Almanac.

But unfortunately, he was not available for comment.