Three Men From Area Touched by 9/11

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KIDDER TOWNSHIP -- Three men from our area were among the many caught up in the tragedy of 9/11.

One was involved in rescuing people from the World Trade Center, another lost friends on Flight 93 and the third helped to identify victims at Ground Zero.

The man at the wheel of this Kidder Township fire truck will always remember 9/11.

Rob Hill of White Haven lost two friends on Flight 93. Joseph DeLuca and Linda Gronlund were on the jet as passengers tried to take control from terrorists. The plane crashed in western Pennsylvania.

"It was like a big family and it was hard when i heard about them. It was hard I said it couldn't be, not both of them at the same time." Hill explained.

Hill said he and his two friends were very close.

"Linda and I share the same birthday so in a couple of days it's going to be tough."

The second drama took place at the World Trade CenterĀ  Roger Tobias of Tobyhanna runs East Penn Search and Rescue. He happened to be in New York City on September 11th. Tobias said he saw the first plane crash into a tower and rushed to the scene.

"I immediately noticed a lady that was on fire her clothes were still smoldering her clothes were stuck to her skin, her hair was pretty much gone," said Tobias.

As the tower collapsed, Roger can be seen in this picture helping victims. Tobias said he then found himself in this small room, which saved him from death.

"I came so close to losing my life, i think every day about it and i thank god every day for letting me live," said Tobias.

Tobias said he now suffers from medical issues due to being exposed to the toxic smoke and debris.

Pieces of the towers were sent to a staging area near Ground Zero. Mike Tobias, Roger's son, said his job helped reunite victims with their families.

"Sifting through debris to find body parts to identify people," said Mike Tobias.

Some say the significance of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are tied together. Those were the days that America was attacked.