Taste Test: Special K Popcorn Chips

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Other than getting those kernels stuck in your teeth, a nice big bowl of fresh popcorn can be the perfect snack when you're relaxing at home.

But what if you're on the go? Or trying to lay off the butter?

The folks at Kellogg's, as they've done before, have provided a healthier alternative to buttery popcorn.

We took the new Special K Popcorn Chips to the Luzerne County Fair to test them out.

They come in two flavors: Butter, and Sweet and Salty.

Jackie Rinish and her 14-year-old son, Brooks, are serious about kettle corn.

At Country Girl Kettle Corn they pop theirs with salt and sugar at 600 degrees!

We gave them the sweet and salty popcorn chips to taste.

"They were OK, but I'm used to the real deal. The real kettle corn. So they didn't quite compare for me. You can definitely tell that they're a lot more healthy," said Jackie Rinish.

"It was sweet, and it was a little dry but i liked it," said Brooks Rinish.

Tom Shuman, from Shuman's Roasted Corn in Bloomsburg, is just as serious about his roasted corn.

He tried the Popcorn Chips, and his verdict: Not nearly as buttery, but still very munchable.

"Some butter and popcorn both, it tastes like. I could eat another one just to make sure," said Shuman.

One serving is 28 popcorn chips. That's 120 calories, about two grams of fat and 22 grams of carbs.

We found some fair-goers who were very willing to give us their opinion of Special K Popcorn Chips.

"I like it better than popcorn. I don't have to make it or microwave it. You just take it out of the box and eat it!" said Chris Welkey from Wilkes-Barre.

Sierra Wren from Luzerne said, "They taste like freshly made popcorn."

12-year-old Taylor Isbel from Luzerne said, "They were OK, but they could have been a little more salty because I like salty popcorn!"

We found Special K Popcorn Chips at Wegmans for five dollars a box.