Gas Prices Spike

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SCRANTON -- Gas prices have spiked across the Northeast; some stations in Lackawanna County are selling regular unleaded for almost $4 a gallon.

"$4 is terrible. They can`t go nowhere. We can`t get nowhere, you know?" said Rebecca Majors of Scranton.

"If I'm spending that kind of money on gas, I'm not going to be buying pizza or whatever, and they wonder why the economy is the way it is. Control the gas prices, economy will go up," said Kevin Gaffney of Mount Cobb.

Analysts said the reason for the spike was a refinery disruption in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Isaac.

"It`s just a shame. You can`t even do the necessary things because that`s a lot out of your pocket to fill your car anymore," said Barbara Sample of Scranton.

"I think the gas could come down cheaper, if they really want to do something about it, they can, but you know the way it is, they're going to get you for whatever they can get you for," said John Gambucci of Olyphant.

Analysts said there should be relief soon, as early as next week.

The Northeast, they said, tends to be most affected by the spike in gas prices because the region tends to import more gasoline than the rest of the nation.