Road Projects December Deadline

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MOUNT POCONO -- Some road and bridge projects in the Poconos are scheduled to be done by this December.

There are four major road and bridge projects in Monroe County that have caused a lot of frustration for drivers.

Since the spring, some highly-traveled roads and bridges in Monroe County have been lined with bright orange cones and filled with crews wearing hard hats.

PennDOT says many of the projects should be done by December. But for drivers, these projects have tested their traffic tolerance.

"You get annoyed, it's inconvenient, especially when you hit a traffic jam," said Saad Hijazi of Mount Pocono.

"What's frustrating is that they're taking a lot longer," said Greg Ayala of Stroudsburg.

Route 940 near Mount Pocono leads to Interstate 80 and the area's shopping district. PennDOT officials say crews are milling and paving the road.

One driver says the work is needed.

"It's coming along nice. It was bad before. It was a struggle avoiding all the potholes and bumpy road. This is the only time they can work on the road. It's looks nice already," said Hijazi.

PennDOT officials say the Seventh Street Bridge should be done in December. The bridge connects Interstate 80 to downtown Stroudsburg. Now drivers are forced to take a long detour.

"I live over here. To get to it, is easy from this side, but going up you have to go around. The fact they changed all the streets to go one way makes it difficult," said Ayala.

Another project is this overpass construction project, leading drivers from Route 209 to Interstate 80.  PennDOT officials say that project should be done by December.  But for drivers who use that overpass everyday and have to deal with the traffic, December can't come soon enough.

"It's backed up for miles and miles and people get very very angry," said Christopher Pierson of East Stroudsburg.

Seven Bridge Road next to the Marshalls Creek Bypass is closed until December for bridge construction. But one man doesn't believe it will open by then.

"All these projects go over and the bypass was supposed to be done six years ago," said Jon Buck of Bangor.