Murder Victim’s Family Clings to Memories

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TOWANDA -- Life in prison is the sentence for a woman convicted of killing the wife of her former lover in Bradford County.

The victim came from a big family and many of her sisters were in court Monday seeking closure.

Outside the courthouse in Towanda five sisters carried photos of their late sister, Carol. Carol Hickok was found dead in 2010.

A Bradford County judge sentenced the woman who took her life, Emily Bellows-Shaffer, to life in prison.

Hickok's sisters said they have waited a long time for justice.

"It's time for us to put an end to it. In five days it's going to be two years. I'm just hoping we can just move forward with the great memories we have of her," said Cathy Klyne, one of Carol Hickok's nine siblings and added that Bellows-Shaffer showed no remorse in court for the murder.

"There's no words that could explain the loss we feel in our family," said Klyne.

It remained a mystery for quite some time as to how Carol Hickok died or who could have murdered her. That was until Emily Bellows-Shaffer confessed to police, but then went to trial last month where she was convicted of second degree murder.

Prosecutors said Bellows-Shaffer went to visit her son who she had with Carol Hickok's husband.

Bellows-Shaffer told investigators she left Hickok in the bedroom after a bloody fight, then said she made it look like an accident. Prosecutors said a life sentence is appropriate.

"The loss of Carol Hickok is going to be felt by her family members for an awful long time, a lot of people felt deeply for their love and affection for her," said Bradford County District Attorney Daniel Barrett.

Bellows-Shaffer's attorney said her client will appeal the conviction.