Danville Florist Looks Back at Flood

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DANVILLE -- Beautiful bouquets and bright shining showrooms, that's what customers at Scott's Floral and Gifts found this September, but owner Scott Edwards and his family still remembers clearly what their store looked like one year ago.

"There was basically no floor space at all, all of the display racks were laying over, even when we walked into the cooler, the buckets that were on the floor," said Edwards.

Floodwaters in Danville poured into Edwards' business. There are still water marks scattered throughout the store showing just how high the water rose and files crinkled from being submerged in water.

"There`s kind of mud and guck every where and you could just kind of see the discouragement in my parents faces," said Daughter Holly Schrader.

Edwards said his flower shop didn't skip a beat though, and he opened part of the store just a few days after the flood.

The showroom would have been filled with 36 inches of water at this time last year. Now it`s filled with bright flowers and gifts for customers, but there`s still some work to be done.

"The further side, where originally at one time was the Tasty Freeze back in the 80`s, that section got hit the hardest because of how the construction was," said Edwards.

That area of the store still needs work, but the family hopes to have the space remodeled and rented out before October. The more than $300,000 dollars in repairs has all been from out of the family's pocket.

"The local the state or the federal, gave us nothing, not even to the point of giving us a dumpster, to be able to put anything in, and we used seven dumpsters that hauled out all of the debris," said Edwards.

The Edwards family said the whole experience has brought their business and family back stronger than ever.

"I`m excited that all of our family is back here together working again, and I`m excited about being able to move forward," said Schrader.

Edwards is also the Horticulture Superintendent at the Bloomsburg Fair and has worked to repair damages there as he worked to clean up his own business. He said it was a challenge, but not one he couldn't overcome.