Another Break-In for Olyphant Businesses

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OLYPHANT -- A shopping plaza in Lackawanna County was broken into Thursday night and the business owners there say burglary is becoming old hat.

This is the third time this year crooks have broken in.

The shopping plaza along the Burke Bypass in Olyphant houses a chiropractor's office and a pharmacy. Both of which have spent thousands of dollars upgrading security since they were first burglarized late last year.

The business owners think they have become targets of burglars looking for prescription drugs.

A 700 pound safe now holds all of the narcotic prescription drugs at the Medicap Pharmacy in Olyphant. The safe is just one of the security upgrades owner Eric Pusey has made this year.

"Over the last two years we've probably spent about $7,000 that hasn't been reimbursed by any kind of insurance because it's just been precautionary. And in terms of lost medications, some of that was picked up by insurance but it's been tens of thousands of dollars," said Pusey.

Pusey's had to replace his windows and doors twice already this year. The latest time with state-of-the-art electric windows that trip the alarm system.

The new windows worked this time.

Surveillance video showed two men breaking into Medicap and the chiropractor's office next door. The business owners say it's the third break-in this year.

"They're just trying to get whatever they need to take care of their habits. It's just an awful situation, it's so frustrating," added Pusey.

Every time this building is broken into, another part of it is damaged. This time, the phone lines were cut. But, unlike all of the other break ins the crooks didn't get away with anything. So, the business owners say that's proof that their advanced security system is working.

"They just made a mess of this and caused some damage to the phone lines. But, the security system still works they still got caught," said Dr. Jason Yusavage who owns Yusavage Family Chiropractic.

Olyphant police did arrest one man they're calling a suspect in the burglary. Larry Rosar was already wanted for another burglary in Susquehanna County. Police picked him up a block away from the shopping plaza in Olyphant wearing similar clothes as seen in the surveillance video.

Larry Rosar is being held in connection with the burglary in Susquehanna County, but he has not yet been charged with the break-in in Olyphant.

Police in Olyphant are also looking for other suspects.