Race Fans Caught in Action

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It's lights, camera and action at Pocono Raceway for 50 lucky fans who made the cut to be extras in a photo shoot!

A photography group based out of New York City set up shop at Pocono Raceway to capture race fans in action.

A casting call went out for extras and 50 lucky race fans got the opportunity to smile for the camera.

Pocono Raceway in Long Pond looked more like a movie set than a race track.

The track was filled with directors calling the shots, actors playing the part of a winning race team, drivers racing one another on the track and local race fans cast as the rowdy crowd.

"I was like yes, this is so cool!" said Dawn Hartley-Culp of Kunkletown.

The photographers and videographers are part of a company from New York City that creates a photo library for clients across the country.

The company hired some actors to play certain parts, but there was one cast of characters no actor could be hired to play.

That role, was the race fan.

"One of the key sections to NASCAR, as we all know, are the fans.  It wouldn't exist without the fans. So we needed some local talent, local people who are into it, into the sport to come help us make the shots look real," said Jen Fox Freeman of Corbis, the photography company.

A total of 50 race fans made the cut.

They include Hartley-Culp, who feels bad that her six-year-old daughter couldn't be part of the shoot.

"I even borrowed her hats, I'm sorry Samantha!" she said.

"I'm actually here to feel the experience, live a dream throughout NASCAR," said Frank Mutilitis of Stroudsburg.

The pictures taken at Pocono Raceway will be available for about five years.

They'll be used in advertisements.

The pictures only expire when it's noticeable the styles of clothing, hair and accessories in those shots are out of date.