One Year After Flood: The Dietrich Theater

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TUNKHANNOCK -- The Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock looked a lot different Thursday than it did one year ago when the basement of the building was filled with floodwater.

More than four feet of it gushed into the theater, built in the 1930s, ruining the carpets, walls, and the heating and air conditioning system in the basement.

"The first thing that I saw was a mountain of garbage outside and there were probably 20, 25 people outside, going in, putting things in the theater. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people here," said Laurel Radzieski, a worker at the Dietrich Theater.

Before the water even began to recede, people showed up to help.

"The amount of enthusiasm and energy and support we received from the community was overwhelming and that's what I can't forget," said Erica Rogler, who also works at the theater.

It took about six months of hard work and a quarter of a million dollars before The Dietrich Theater was back.

The carpet was replaced, the walls were redone, everything was repainted.

"There are still a few things, but literally you can't believe what it looked like and what it looks like now," said Barbara Jones of The Dietrich Theater.

"There were times in the day when we really almost felt like crying because we were so grateful and we had no idea we made such an impact and we are so grateful we're back and we can give that back to people in Tunkhannock," said Executive Director Jennifer Jenkins.