School Evacuated on Gas Leak Fear

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HAZLETON -- More than 200 students were sent home when a gas leak was discovered just a few feet from a school in Luzerne County.

It happened around 8 a.m. Wednesday on North Laurel Street in Hazleton outside Holy Family Academy.

Fire crews said when they arrived there was a strong smell of natural gas in the air and inside the school.

A leak was discovered in an alley behind the school.

Students were taken out of the building to St. Joseph’s Church until their parents came to get them.

"The one teacher came in and whispered something in my teachers ears and we just left," said Sarah Bonner, a student.

"I heard there was a gas leak, and I wanted to get here as fast as I could," said Bill Moore, a student's father.

"I'd rather them be evacuated than deal with the gas leak, God forbid something would happen to them, so their safety is the best thing," said Krystle Bonner, a student's aunt.

Officials said the school's evacuation plan worked and was needed.

"In case there was the chance of any kind of event happening that would not be safe, and we err on the side of safety with the students, and the smell was in the building, and we want to make sure no one got sick," said Mary Kozick, Principal of Holy Family Academy.

The fire chief said the leak was repaired and the school should be open on Thursday.