Businesses Near Armed Robberies on Edge

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STROUDSBURG -- A string of armed robberies early Labor Day Monday in Stroudsburg has police on the lookout and business owners on edge, knowing robbers are on the loose.

A pair of armed robberies in Stroudsburg located less than one mile apart early Monday morning which happened minutes apart isn't sitting well with area businesses.

"It's definitely not safe with someone running around with a gun," said Adam Baugur who works at Ninth Street Tires in Stroudsburg.

"It's a scary thing to imagine happening in a small town like this," said Tyler Myra, who works at Big Star Drive-In, an ice cream shop just outside Stroudsburg.

"It concerns me because there seems to be more crime here in the last couple years," said Peter Hambos, the owner of Big Star Drive-In.

It all started at Perkins Restaurant in Stroudsburg.

Police said two men with guns went into the restaurant. One man jumped the counter and had the clerk open the cash register. The second ordered witnesses to the ground at gunpoint.

"Then he was followed in by a second armed robber, displaying a long gun, believed to be a shotgun. People at the counter were told to get on the floor, along with other patrons who were seated in the restaurant," said Lieutenant Brian Kimmins of the Stroud Area Regional Police Department.

Police said cash was stolen and both robbers got into a Jeep and headed toward Interstate 80.

Then, 25 minutes later, police were called to a Hess gas station on North Ninth Street in Stroudsburg.

Surveillance video of the hold up shows what police said is a man with a shotgun demanding money from the owner. The owner is then seen emptying his pockets and the robber running away.

"Everyone should be on the lookout for someone around there because it could happen to anybody," said Baugur.

Another nearby business is Big Star Drive-In, which is open late at night. The owner said it's upsetting to know a violent armed robbery happened so close to his establishment.  One of his employees is also concerned.

"I'd probably have to give him the money, just cause I don't want anyone to get hurt or myself, you know? It's just not worth it," said Myra.

Police are also looking into a third attempted robbery that took place near Mount Pocono the same morning to see if it's related to the two armed robberies in Stroudsburg.