Bed Bugs Reported at Library

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POTTSVILLE -- The Pottsville Free Public Library has bed bugs.

An exterminator discovered the problem Wednesday and said a few bugs were found on some chairs in the reference area of the library.

He said those chairs have already been removed from the area and replaced.

"I'm a clean freak anyway, so I'm just a stickler on nastiness and bugs. I hate bugs, literally. I just hate hate them," said LaDell Snowden of Pottsville.

The director of the library said "In no way is the library completely infested with bed bugs. This is not a major to-do."

A sign on the door of the library instructs people to leave their bags in a plastic container as a precaution.

The director said the library will remain open because the issue is minor.

"There's bugs everywhere you go, there's all kinds of microscopic organisms and everything else, so a bed bug ain't gonna bother me," said Dan Hossler of Pottsville.

"Everyday somebody has bed bugs, I don't know who exactly, but I always hear it," said John Rich of Pottsville.

Bed bugs are not considered to be hazardous and experts said they don't spread disease, just annoying bites.

"Spray the place down, you can get rid of roaches, I don't see why you can't get rid of bed bugs," said Hossler.

The exterminator said he will be returning to treat the chairs at the Pottsville Free Public Library and to check in about once a month to make sure no more unwanted visitors show up there.