Tamaqua Teen To See Inauguration

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TAMAQUA -- Alexandra Miller of Tamaqua pays closer attention to politics than most her age.

Miller, 17, wants to be a politician and she has managed to earn her way to the Presidential Inaugural Conference in January through a national scholar group. It's a chance to see the president-elect take the oath of office and celebrate the inauguration.

"Being able to be there for yet another important part of history, seeing the next president inaugurated into office and taking the oath, it's just once in a lifetime and I'm so ecstatic to go," said Miller.

Miller's mom is proud and says her daughter deserves the special honor.

"She's helped at soup kitchens, you know, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, she's helped in lots of different areas," said Margaret Miller.

Alexandra says she's excited regardless of who's elected president, but right now, she's hoping for Mitt Romney.

She said she will make the most of the experience, especially considering her chosen career path.

"Hopefully to run for smaller roles like mayor and stuff like that and then eventually work it up to senate level and then work for that and then also get my degree in law," said Miller.

The Millers do have to raise about $3,000 to pay for the inaugural conference. To do that, they are having a fundraising dinner and prizes on September 15 at St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Coaldale.