Man Brings Gun Onto King’s College Campus

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WILKES-BARRE -- A man with a gun was arrested not far from King's College in Wilkes-Barre.

It happened early Tuesday morning, and even though it was a holiday, students were notified through a campus security system.

Kaif Jones of Wilkes-Barre is now in police custody after exposing a gun to students on North Main Street near a King's College residence hall. Even though he's been arrested, and no one was hurt, students on campus are scared.

Some King's College students are thinking about more than class during this second week of school. What's on their mind now is a gunman that came to campus early Monday morning.

"I feel like this is a very secure area. King's College is kind of a big bubble and for someone who's not part of the bubble to come and shake things up, yeah it's scary," said Fizza Saeed, a King's College junior.

Court documents show Kaif Jones, 25, of Wilkes-Barre, approached a group of students early Monday and showed them a gun while he followed them toward Esseff Hall on North Main Street.

He also asked them about buying drugs. Police believe the gun he had was stolen.

Campus security says the students called and told them about the gunman as soon as they got back to campus. It was just a few minutes later when they finally caught up with gunman across the street, just outside a restaurant.

Court papers reveal that when Jones got to the restaurant, he told people he should have shot the students.

Jones is charged with carrying a gun without a license.

"I've never felt uncomfortable or unsafe here in my two years that I've been here. But that was the first time I was scared," said King's College sophomore Annie Bergeman.

Students received an email to tell them what happened.

Campus security says the students handled the incident the way they should have, responding calmly to Jones and calling security as soon as they were inside a building.

"By walking with fellow students, by walking in the main travel area, by walking in a lit area, you can reduce the risk of being a target of an individual," said Frank Hacken, director of King's College Campus Security.

Campus security wants students to know that no one was threatened at gunpoint and they are safe on campus.