Working on Labor Day

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TANNERSVILLE -- At Barley Creek Brewing Company, it`s a busy day on the job as tourists file in the restaurant near Tannersville for some grub before heading home from vacation.

"Today its raining and when you're in a brewery, we always say when it's raining, we're pouring," said Trip Ruvane, owner of Barley Creek Brewing Company.

At the bar, there was plenty of labor being done to keep up with those orders "pouring" in. The bartender was busy keeping up while her parents sat back and relaxed.

Her father knew exactly what she's going through.

"It's my first Labor Day that I didn't have to work for a long time, I recently retired, and I'm having my daughter wait on me, she's working and I'm not," said Todd Miller of Bangor.

Back in the kitchen, cook Evan Marshal said he doesn`t mind working mainly because he knows a break is on the horizon.

"'It's actually going to be slowing down now with the fall season," said Marshal.

Speaking of slow, that`s exactly how business was on this Labor Day at 'The Loft', which sells biking and hiking equipment in the summer and ski gear in the winter.

"It's pretty chill, we're not super busy or anything," said Tyler Scheckenbach, a worker at The Loft.

For some workers who are laboring on labor day, they said it`s a great time to get ready for those busy winter months ahead.

"Cleaning, doing other prep work, getting everything ready," said Marshal.

"We're organizing boots, just reorganizing skis, making packages, making signs, whatever we have to do," said Scheckenbach.

"We're already planning our holiday Halloween festivals, so a lot of the decorations have been ordered and some of them have been in boxes, so we're getting ready," said Ruvane.

I guess we had to say goodbye to summer sooner or later.