Safety Coffee Breaks for Travelers

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP -- Drivers hitting the highway this holiday and putting in a lot of time behind the wheel are getting some help to stay focused and alert thanks to some non-profit organizations.

"We come here and we give out free hot dogs coffee and all of the women from the church bake thousands of cookies and we give it out to the travelers," said Janet Gendimenico of the Black Creek United Methodist Church.

The Black Creek United Methodist Church began serving up snacks at midnight Monday and it's just what many drivers say they needed.

"It`s going to perk me up and just know that I`m closer to home too," said Cindy Burke of Archbald. "And it`s nice to stretch your legs because I was a driver, so it`s better to get out and say hello. "

"I think they`re ideal. People need these out here today, driving a long ways especially on a weekend," said Ed Smith of New Jersey.

Many of the drivers traveling Interstate 81 who are benefiting from free cups of coffee are also helping out the local organization putting this on by providing them donations that will help them continue to help their community.

"People will give donations but we`re not asking for anything.  Somebody`s tired, come get a coffee, somebody`s hungry come get a hot dog," added Gendimenico.

Many people say they were happy to drop a dollar or two into the donation jar after grabbing something to snack on. The donations will help provide breakfast and other programs at the church near Bloomsburg.

"It`s nice to see the community come out.  And it makes you want to do something for them.  So even the donations is no big deal," said Burke.

Many say the best part about these coffee safety breaks are the people.

You can find free coffee breaks like this one along major highways across Pennsylvania as you make your way home.