Police Still Searching for Shooter in Moosic Fight

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MOOSIC -- People who live near the former Rocky Glen Park had their Labor Day weekend interrupted with all kinds of police activity.

Officers rushed to the area after several folks heard shots fired Sunday night.

The incident was enough to rattle the nerves of neighbors trying to enjoy a holiday weekend.

Jim Brown was sitting on his front porch with his granddaughter Sunday evening when his lawn in Moosic became part of a police pursuit.

"This guy was flying, like an Olympic runner. He ran right between the house and the garage and back toward the river. Two seconds later here comes the officer on foot patrol chasing him. He didn't get him, but that police officer was pretty mad," Brown said.

The man Brown saw dart across his property is one of at least two men police are looking for in connection to a fight that ended with gunshots.

Police descended on Spring Brook Road Sunday near the old Rocky Glen Park when a group of men said they had gotten into an argument with another group over an ATV. Then, they said, one group fired at the other.

"We saw all the commotion going on with the big lights and everything. People coming down and people running all around, a lot of commotion going on," described neighbor Michael Clark.

"I had no idea honestly, my aunt, she saw cops run back that way with rifles and stuff like that. It was crazy," added Jim Tucker, who also lives off of Spring Brook Road.

Police made two arrests on the spot. Kevin Cardona and Victor Cardona-Crespo, both of Scranton, were taken into custody when the cars they were in were tracked down by police.

The other men they were with took off.

Police know they're looking for at least two others who were caught on surveillance cameras just after the fight.

At the scene Sunday night, police impounded several ATVs and dirt bikes and two vehicles that they think were used by the suspects. A silver pick-up truck and a stolen Ford Focus. Police hope anyone with information about the Ford will help lead them to more suspects.

People living near the former Rocky Glen Park say they don't believe they're in any direct danger now. But, what's most disturbing, they say, is the unknown.

They want to know who these men are and why their fight ended up in their backyards.

"I have a hard time believing this is just about a dispute over an ATV, I don't know about that. And I think everybody has the same feeling," Brown said.

Anyone with information on the fight or the suspects still on the loose is asked to call Moosic police.