Playing in the Park on Labor Day

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- Goodbye summer, hello fall.

Despite the cooler temperatures, families tried to soak up the last remnants of summer at Frances Slocum State Park near Dallas.

"I brought the kids out. We went down, did a little fishing. And now then come up here to do some s'mores, have a little cookout," said Earl Maskowski, of Wilkes-Barre.

Between fishing, cookouts, and playgrounds, there was only one thing missing: swimmers. It was the last day for the pool to be open at the park. The lifeguards said with the weather, only three people were in the water all day.

But that didn't stop families from coming to the park. An example, one family said for about 15 years they've reserved a pavillion by the lake for a Filipino-American Labor Day celebration, complete with food and activities for the kids.

"As long as it's not downpouring, we're having fun, as you can see. We will have games later for the children and for adults, too," said Marge Santos, of Mountain Top.

"We're having lots of fun and stuff. And we're going to have a pinata kind of thing that you get stuff," said Jason Lauver, of Kingston.

As some celebrate the final weeks of summer. Others are happy that fall is on the way.

"I'm glad, kind of. I don't like the hot weather. It's not hot now but I'm glad, kind of. It went by fast though," said Sharon Gebhardt of Dallas.