Labor Day Deals in Schuylkill County

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- A rainy day outside didn't ruin any holiday shopping plans for families in Schuylkill County. Many Labor Day deal seekers were out finishing some back to school shopping near Frackville.

"It`s super important. I`m a stay-at-home mom," said Jennifer Maynard of Lansford. "My husband works very hard so we try to stretch the dollars as far as we can and hitting sales at the end of the season is super important."

Maynard says she found deals for the whole family at the Schuylkill Mall. Other families were looking for back to school deals as well, but focusing only on a few items they just hadn't found yet.

"We`re looking for sneakers, and everybody seems to be having good sales on sneakers today, just finding the right size is the hard part," said Annelle Peleschak of Pottsville.

Many shoppers out this holiday weekend said they're not looking for anything specific, they're just looking for deals, and they're finding them in every size, shape and color.

 "It was a lousy day to have parties or picnics so we came out to do this here," said Joel Kobal of Andreas.

Kobal says he didn't plan to shop this weekend, but was happy with the sales he saw at Fairlane Village Mall, and picked up a few good deals and browsed the tent sale.

"Oh yes, 50 percent off items and everything. We got a towel, the wife got a sweater and I got a metal ornament."

Hope Kaminski of Locust Gap says the Labor Day sale advertisements grabbed her attention and she planned on shopping this weekend, rain or shine.

"In the ad they had nice specials. I got some pots and pans and I got a jacket, and some shirts, and what else, I got a hat. Yes I did a great deal of shopping today."

Shoppers say they are plenty more steals to be found for those hitting the stores later this week.