Labor Day Baby

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SCRANTON -- Some folks spend their labor days enjoying barbecues, others have to spend it laboring, that is working. Then there are the few who spend their labor days in labor.

"She was due on the 31st, August 31st and I was ready to have her, so we thought it was going to be on Sunday at least. She waited until Labor Day. She wanted to be a Labor Day baby," said Gabriela Martienez.

Carlos and Gabriela Martinez welcomed their first child, baby Isabella at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton on Labor Day.

It's not how they expected things to go.

"Did I expect it, maybe not? But we're happy. I like the coincidence of it, I guess, be in labor on Labor Day, you know?" said Carlos.

After a long labor, baby Isabella was born weighing eight pounds one ounce, 20 inches long.

"We are very, very happy and blessed," Gabriela said.

"It's incredible, it's the best day of my life. I've been telling everybody, its the best day of my life," said Carlos.

In total, Gabriela was in labor for about 26 hours before Isabella made her Labor Day debut.