Elysburg Celebrates “All Home Days”

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ELYSBURG -- Elysburg Community Park in Northumberland County was packed with people eating, playing games and celebrating the men and women who fight for our freedom.

"We start out with a parade at our church and then we come over here.  You meet all kinds of families.  We just love it and look forward to it every year," said Mary Hower of Elysburg.

For the last 93 years, people in Elysburg have been celebrating "All Home Days" to honor the men and women who come home from war. 

Anne Traugh and her family enjoyed spending time together and said "All Home Days" is a tradition.

"We've been coming every year since we've been young.  We brought the kids to play some games and get food," said Anne Traugh of Catawissa.

'All Home Days' is not only food and games.  For the last five years a group has set up this display of almost 5,000 flags to represent the men and women who did not make it home.

"On the left hand side of the field, 3,000 per flag.  On the fight side of the field, 2,000," said marine Sgt. Sol Bidding.

Sgt. Sol bidding says the display is a reminder of the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom from World War I until now.  The artwork was done by high school seniors in Northumberland and Columbia counties.