Community Center Closed in Schuylkill County

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SHENANDOAH- Ann Sekela checked out her former school in Shenandoah where she spent 12 years. She lives in Virginia and wanted to see her old school as a part of her trip to her home town.

The former school was closed for 17 years before Kent Steinmetz, a local jeweler, bought it and started to turn it into a community center.

He and volunteers were trying to restore the building so it's something that the community could be proud of.

Now the community center is closed. The state says people can no longer gather in the community center because it's not handicap accessible.

The state says the big problem is the steps, that's because anyone in a wheelchair can't go up or down them.

Steinmetz says the fixes will be done but will take a lot of money. The community center does have its volunteer supporters. They understand the need to make the building accessible.

Brennan Brewer, a volunteer with the community center, said he had an injury and was in a wheelchair and it took several years to be able to walk, he understands the needs of others.

Steinmetz says he doesn't know when the state will let him reopen the community center. He says there are  fundraisers planned to make that happen.