Young Children Found Home Alone in Exeter

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EXETER -- Shane Van Order and Rebecca Gensel won't be seeing their kids anytime soon after Exeter Police arrested the couple for leaving four children home alone.

Investigators said the pair left the kids, who are half siblings, so they could go out to play pool and party at this nearby VFW.

It's in this upstairs apartment along Wyoming Avenue in Exeter where cops tell us they found the children ages seven, three, one and two months old, home alone.

Shane's own mother, Treyci Van Order said her one year old grandson was among the four kids left unsupervised.  Treyci said as tough as it was, she called the police on her own son.

"I have to protect the children.  They`re the innocent ones here.  Shane and becky are adults.  These kids can`t protect themselves," said Van Order.

Treyci said she and other family members usually babysit the kids but when the couple wasn't calling them for help and still being seen out on the town, Treyci started to wonder.

"I called children in youth and asked them to investigate.  I specifically they were leaving in the evening times to go out. But they came during the day to do their investigation . And they thought everything was fine," said Van Order.

The landlord has owned this property since 1980.  He told Newswatch 16 he`s never dealt with a situation like this or has ever seen such a filthy apartment.

"The apartment is one mess upstairs. You wouldn`t believe it.  Nobody could live like this," said Jim Ide, the landlord.

Treyci is trying to get custody of her grandson.

Family members tell us three of the children are now in foster care.

The two month old is in the hospital being treated for malnutrition. Luzerne County's children and youth has not commented on the case.

As for Shane Van Order and Rebecca Gensel, they're behind bars and their landlord plans to evict them from their Exeter apartment as soon as he can.