Remembering Fallen Miners

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SCRANTON — People gathered in Scranton Saturday to remember men and boys who died in the Avondale mine disaster over 140 years ago.

The Welsh North American Association held the memorial at the Washburn Cemetery Saturday where about half of the victims are buried.

The Avondale mine disaster happened in 1869 when a mine shaft caught fire in Plymouth. Over 100 people were trapped and killed, including children, many of whom were from Wales.

A native of Wales who now lives in Chicago expressed the importance of this memorial.

“The Avondale mining disaster was a very pivotal event for the Welsh community because there were Welsh miners who came out here to work and many of them died. Many left families at home who never saw them again,” said Dilys Rana, of Chicago.

This ceremony in Scranton was part of a larger festival to celebrate Welsh heritage.