Unofficial End of Summer

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Labor Day weekend brings the unofficial end of summer.

For many this is the final hurrah of the season before back to school and back to the normal routine.

We found some people in Lackawanna County determined to hold on to summer as long as they can.

It's a relaxing day at a campsite at Lackawanna State Park for Ellie Lynn and Norm white.

“Last night we had a nice fire going and its cool and sitting around the fire is nice, it's relaxing, you just forget everything and relax,” said Lynn.

They were enjoying the quiet before more and more campers started pulling into the park for the weekend. Every spot was reserved, in fact, this pair had a reservation mistake and got the last spot in the campground.

“They're full they don't have any spots. This was the last spot, this was there, what did they call it? The predicament spot, when they have a predicament,” said White.

Swimmers at Merli Sarnoski Park were enjoying the warm weather as well.

“It's refreshing, it's really cold it cools you off,” said Matthey Gallup of Carbondale.

This is one of the final splashes of summer for Gallup. He goes back to school next week.

However, even though kids are going to school and fall is near, swimmers like Ron Crambo and his kids said summer isn't over yet.

“This summer has been great. There's still plenty to go though, I'm not worried about it. We'll play in the water until October,” said Gallup.

He plans to enjoy this holiday weekend and the other nice days before the snow falls.