Delaware Valley Warriors Super 16 Team #1

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Quarterback Bryan Schor returns as a four-year starter for Delaware Valley. Last year as a junior he threw for over 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. Surrounded with talent and weapons on offense Bryan is sure of one thing. Success!

"It's just crazy how many guys we have returning. We got jack up front, Tom Everson, Brian Gallagher, Hugo Coello up front we got a ton of great guys. They know their stuff so throwing them together is going to be pretty easy. In the backfield we got guys too. Some guys who can do some explosive things like Martin Strenk and Joe Santiago. On the outside we got some pretty good wide receivers probably the best we've had in a while here at least when I was quarterback. We got some good guys out there so we're really excited about this season," said Bryan Schor.

Schor's main target could be Lucas Markowitz. At 5-9 185lbs Lucas makes his mark with his speed and ability to catch the ball in open space. Markowitz a star on the DV lacrosse team in the spring is trying his hand at scoring here during football.

"Oh it helps a lot quick movements and just like football hitting it keeps you ready and not scared to hit i guess but a lot of quick movement helps," said Lucas Markowitz.

"There's a lot of skills. Obviously you watch a lacrosse game and you watch football I think a lot of the skills kind of intermix. The plant, the run around especially for your skill type kids and Lucas Markowitz fits that perfect," said Keith Olsommer.

Last year Delaware Valley started the season off perfect at 6-0, but a tough stretch of games at the end of the season and three loses later left these Warriors wondering what happened. Keith Olsommer got them back on track got them into the district playoffs, but with a loss to Nazareth that ended the season for Delaware Valley with a record of 7-4.

"We know what we needed to do to play the same teams and last year we made some small mistakes that we fixed this year and hopefully we don't make the same mistakes," added Bryan.

Super 16 team #1 the Delaware Valley Warriors. (#1)Delaware Valley opens the 2012 season with Parkland.