A New Beginning for Penn State

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It is the beginning of a new era at Penn State University. New guidelines from the NCAA and a new head football coach. Some students decided to transfer schools, but the majority of freshmen stayed at Penn State this year.

The streets of State College are packed with Penn State football fans. In just a few hours, Beaver Stadium will be filled with folks cheering on the Nittany Lions for the 2012 home opener. That crowd will include Megan Lasko, who is a Penn State freshman from Mountain Top.

"I'm excited to be a freshman coming into this because I'm part of the whole new thing with Bill O'Brien and it's cool to start fresh with him," said Lasko.

It is a new beginning for Penn State football. Head coach Bill O'Brien will tackle the position Joe Paterno held for more than 40 years. This year's freshman class can relate to O'Brien.

"I'm really excited to be here. We came in at the same time as Bill O'Brien and so we're kind-of attached at the hip. I think it's going to be really exciting," said Nate Kapp.

Some of the freshman said they feel a special connection to coach Bill O'Brien because it's his first year as well. The students also say they're looking forward to cheering on the Nittany Lions from the student section for the very first time.

"I heard it's amazing. I can't wait," said Lasko.

"They always seem like they're having such a good time cheering so I'm excited to be in the student section for sure," said Delia Carr.

Carr is from Dunmore. She is also proud to be a Penn State freshman as the university goes through so many changes.

"I was here over the summer so I was here when they announced all the sanctions. It was sad but it's exciting, especially tonight going to football eve, and Bill O'Brien talked to the freshman class," said Carr.

Penn State will take on Ohio University at Beaver Stadium tomorrow at noon.