Providing Shelter

WILKES-BARRE -- Workers at a homeless shelter in Wilkes-Barre said they are extremely concerned about accusations against a man allegedly running a bogus charity to help the homeless.

Employees at Ruth’s Place, a women’s shelter said allegations such as these make the public more hesitant about donating to charities.

The workers at Ruth`s Place showed off the 21-bed facility for homeless women.

Complete with a computer station, kitchen, showers and basic supplies needed for day-to-day living, none of it would be possible without the kindness of others.

Nicki Pamental organizes fundraisers for the shelter.

Once a resident of Ruth’s Place, Pamental lost everything after an accident left her with overwhelming medical bills.

“Ruths place gave me a second lease on life. Prior to becoming homeless I was employed, gainfully employed,” said Pamental.

Now news about an alleged charity scam in Scranton has them concerned.

Troy Leitner, who calls himself ‘Minister Troy’ is the subject of a complaint filed with the Lackawanna County DA by women who said they worked for Leitner`s so-called charity, 'The Brotherhood of Christianity' collecting money for homeless children.

They now believe he is running a bogus charity.

Employees at Ruth`s Place said if you`re apprehensive about a certain charity, check with organizations such as the Salvation Army which has a list of legitimate charities.


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