Police Investigate Home Invasion

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Stroud Township Regional police said three men broke into a home and tied up the homeowner while they stole items early Thursday morning.

Police said it happend at a home along rural Hallet Road in Stroud Township.

According to police, the homeowner was sleeping when they woke him and tied him up.

One man held the homeowner at gunpoint while the other two searched the home and stole a gun, jewelry, cameras, lenses, and cell phones, according to police.

Investigators said the burglars were wearing gloves and masks.

"Scary, very scary, but like I don't know, you never believe it's going to happen on your block, but here we are!" said Nancy Bocchini who lives along Hallet Road.

Police said the victim is ok. Officers continue to search for the men who broke in.

"That's unbelievable really, I never heard of it," said Bill Marsh of Hallet Road.

"I hope they lock them up, busting in someone's house. Have to see what happens," agreed neighbor Frank Carleo.

"We lock up the car, everything now, we don't trust nobody, we don't even trust the neighbors here now," said Marsh.