Couple Sentenced in Baby Death Case

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JIM THORPE -- Parents who admitted their responsibility in the death of their 11-month-old daughter in palmerton were sentenced Thursday.

Both will spend time behind bars, but they did not get the same kind of punishment.

Jacob Taschler and his wife Kimberly of Palmerton admitted they are responsible for the death of their daughter, Kayla, 2 and a half years ago.

"Reporter: "Are you sorry for what happened to Kayla?" Jacob Taschler: "Of course I am sorry." Reporter: "As a father you must think of her a lot." Jacob Taschler: "Every day, I think about what happened every day of my life."

Here's what prosecutors said happened: Kayla was placed into a car seat and then taken to a hot third floor bedroom. She was left alone for 16 hours where she later died. Police said during that time her parents were downstairs smoking marijuana. The judge called the case horrific and told the Taschlers they failed as parents.

Assistant District Attorney Bill McDonald prosecuted the case.

"There was gross negligence here, not only in the wasting of the child, placing her in a car seat for a period of time, without food or hydration," explained McDonald.

Kayla's father, Jacob, was sentenced up to two years in the County jail and Kayla's mother, Kimberly, 3 1/2 years in a state prison. Defense Attorney Steve Vlossak explained theĀ  different sentences.

"He was not the primary caregiver, especially those last three days, he was working most of the time," said Vlossak.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers agree there are no winners or losers. George Dydynski is Kimberly Taschler's lawyer.

"How does it make my client feel, how does it make the father feel, how does is make the judge feel? There's no winners in this, just a dead angel," said Dydynski.