Berwick Bulldogs Super 16 Team # 3

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The winningest coach in Pennsylvania is back at Berwick and the top dawg still has some bite.  George Curry has the reputation and dedication to restore Berwick to it's heyday it held during the 1980's and 90's as the top program in the state.

"It's awesome.  I've always grown up wanting to play with Curry.  Now I'm finally getting my dream, so it's feels great.

Curry has some weapons to work with, his grandson CJ Curry is a junior quarterback ready to put up huge numbers with an all state candidate tight end in Brandon Dalberto and good wide outs.

So, with CJ Curry throwing the ball to Jake Pecorelli and Jeff Steeber Berwick is going to be able to move the ball up and down the field.  But they gotta run the ball. To do that the offensive line is really going to have to step up-big.

"This year is the year of the lineman.  Everyone has their line back, including us.  We've got some good lineman and I think that's going to be the difference.  What line is smarter, what line doesn't break down, can pick up the blitzes.  What line can get the job done and win the match-ups and we know that-we know.  We have good tackles, Groome and Harter you just met them-good tight ends, good guards and centers.  We just have to get it together and learn this new system," said George Curry.

"How quick did it take to get things moving or is it still a work in progress?" Well, the receivers, tight end, the running backs, the quarterback, they got it like that.  They're pretty sharp.  The line, there's where the biggest, I'd say there's where the biggest, I don't want to say problem-we're about 80%  80% of the time we do it correctly.  We've got three weeks to go and we're going to take care of that," added George.

Learn the system, update the playbook, and get back to gridiron greatness.  Check, check, and checkmate.  The chess match begins. Team #3 the Berwick Bulldogs.