Greystone the Gorilla is Gone

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CARBONDALE -- We have stories about things being stolen all the time, but we certainly don't report about stolen gorillas too often.

A woman in Carbondale said someone swiped a massive gorilla statue from outside her house.

For her, the 500 pound gorilla was like a friend, and she wants it back.

There's a big void in front of Patty Rudalavage's house in Carbondale since Sunday night when the gorilla was taken.

Patty is feeling a void too. The statue carved out of lava rock even had a name, Greystone.

“I'm just hoping to get him back. Please whoever has him, please do not damage him, please just send him back,” pleaded Rudalavage.

Greystone the gorilla was more than just a statue to Patty, her husband gave it to her 10 years ago.

“He was my buddy, we decorated him at Christmas time and at Halloween time, and we put costumes on him. He was a conversation piece,” said Rudalavage.

Rudalavage was sleeping, with windows open only feet away when the gorilla thieves struck. She said there's no way one person could carry away all 500 pounds alone.

“Right there in the middle of the night, and I do have a dog that barks at everything so whoever took him knew exactly what they were doing,” added Rudalavage.

“I know she cried for days. I thought I would have to come up here and dry her eyes out. She's really upset,” said Madolyn Dempsey, Patty’s sister.

Patty's sister said it may sound silly to be upset about a statue, but stealing something that mattered isn't a joke.

“Everybody that went by would stop, look like 'what the heck' and go on. Even the mail man just now said ‘where's the gorilla,’ and we said ‘it was stolen,’ and he said ‘you're kidding,’" explained Dempsey.

Neighbor Rose Bucci said neighbors do look out for each other, but didn't think she'd have to keep an eye on the gorilla.

“I never thought, cars maybe, but gorillas no, never not in a million years would I think anyone would take that, ever,” said Bucci.

“I do want him back, there is a reward for him. No questions asked, just please return him please,” said Rudalavage.

Rudalavage is offering a $100 reward to get Greystone the gorilla statue back.

If you have information, call Carbondale Police. If you have the statue, just drop it off and she'll be happy.