F.B.I. Investigation In Monroe County

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP --Federal agents spent hours Wednesday removing boxes of evidence from a home in Monroe County.

FBI agents were at the home to carry out a search warrant, but officials are not saying what they may have been looking for.

Agents carried box after box, more than a dozen, from a condo on Skyview Circle near East Stroudsburg after spending more than five hours collecting evidence.

FBI officials arrived around 8 a.m. to carry out a search warrant at the home in the North Slope III development near Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

Neighbor Steven Becker heard it all.

"I was asleep and I heard a lot of yelling and then when I could hear clearly, they were yelling `search warrant' and banging the door of the house over here," said Becker.

Some neighbors said they do not really know the people who live in the condo, but all the FBI activity certainly had them curious.

"Apparently it`s something serious. I don`t expect this here. I`m here for a few weeks for the end of the summer. Typical in Brooklyn, but not in the Poconos," said neighbor Eddie Fields.

"I would really love to know what it is, especially living here, two houses down. Would really like to know what they found and if it was anything I would need to worry about," added neighbor Rebecca Blaskopf. "I have a three-year-old son, so I would like to know he`s living in a safe environment."

There was a woman inside while FBI agents searched the condo. One neighbor only knows her in passing, but said he was shocked at all the activity.

"I see her walking her dog and she looks like she`s in her 70s or 80s. Typical little old lady and I never see anybody else with her," said neighbor Butch Paquin. "You wouldn`t suspect this woman at all. She looks like she should be making chocolate chip cookies inside."

"Makes you wonder. Makes you wonder who your neighbor is," added Becker.

There is no word how or if the woman was involved.

An FBI spokesperson is not commenting on what the agents may have been looking for or what they took from the home, only saying it was part of an ongoing investigation.