Campers Start Arriving for Holiday Weekend

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FORKS TOWNSHIP -- The unofficial end to summer is nearly here.

For some people, Labor Day weekend calls for a getaway to part of Sullivan County to camp with family and friends.

Days before the onslaught of weekend warriors at Worlds End State Park near Forksville,the Rider family from Milton has already set up camp.

"That way we have a few days to ourselves before it gets full," said Mary Rider.

The Riders will be joined by campers all around them in a few days when the Labor Day weekend arrives.

"We got all types of family coming here this weekend. If we want to go fishing,(we) go fishing, hiking, go hiking," said Dan Rider.

The cabins at Worlds End State Park are booked for the weekend ahead. Park manager Bill Kocher said reservations are made nearly a year in advance and back then, two storms wreaked havoc on the pristine park.

"It doesn't look the best here, looks like a bomb went off here, asking for people of their understanding of what we went through," said Kocher.

Most of the year Sullivan County is a pretty quiet place. Near the end of the summer, it gets pretty busy. With the county fair running through the holiday, a lot of campers will be staying at the state park and they will even do business in Forksville.

"We get a lot of tourists up here every year. It seems to get more and more," said "Big Mike" of the Forksville General Store.

So between grabbing a bite at the general store or taking in the fair, holiday weekend campers will have lots of choices even when it gets hot.

"They say it's supposed to be in the 90's up here. Guess where we'll be? At the creek!" exclaimed Mary Rider.