Taste Test: Miracle Whip Burger Sauce

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WASHINGTONVILLE -- Things were heating up last weekend in the kitchen of the Washingtonville Volunteer Fire Company hall near Danville.

There were a lot of hungry mouths to feed during the two day festival and fundraiser for the fire company.

So we figured some of those hungry festival goers wouldn't mind helping us with this week's taste test: new burger sauce from Miracle Whip!

Both creamy sauces come in squeeze bottles. The flavors are Secret Sauce and Sweet Dijon. 

When it comes to burgers, Joshua Criswell from West Mountain, likes "the works."

"I put mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, all of it," Criswell said.

He tried Miracle Whip's new Secret Sauce.

"I would get it and put it on my burger. It's different than trying to slap everything on there, you have it kind of all in one right there," Criswell said.

Sarah Hastings of Danville liked the Secret Sauce, too!

"It was like mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together with pickle relish. That's what it tasted like.  Like Russian dressing." said Hastings.

Overall, the Secret Sauce got better reviews than the Sweet Dijon.

Robert Watts of Montgomery said of the Dijon Mustard, "To me it tastes like mayonnaise."

Pearl Stump of Danville said "I didn't taste mustard at all. I didn't. I wasn't impressed."

While more people liked the Secret Sauce, it also packs in more calories and fat.

The Secret Sauce has 80 calories in a tablespoon and eight grams of fat.

The Sweet Dijon has 45 calories and four grams of fat.

Our last tester? The fire chief himself, who decided to try both!

His preference? The Sweet Dijon.

"It's a little more like mustard and mayonnaise, and I like that kind of stuff," said Chief Gary Roberts, of Washingtonville Fire Company.

Miracle Whip's Burger Sauces cost $3.25 a bottle at Gerrity's.