State Representative Murphy Heads To Trial

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SCRANTON -- State Representative Kevin Murphy walked into Lackawanna County Court to answer charges of assault and harassment.

Murphy is accused of hitting his wife Denise Murphy, and her friend, Patrick Hessmiller.

Both testified against Murphy in court.

Denise Murphy said that on the night of July 20th, she ran out with her friend Patrick Hessmiller to buy some soda, leaving 3 of their 4 children at home, with their grandparents next door.

She said State Rep. Kevin Murphy called her and yelled at her for abandoning their children.

Denise Murphy says, when she got back to the house, the state rep. went to her car door and grabbed her by the hair, pulled her down to the ground, and then shoved her face away hard.

Her friend, Patrick Hessmiller testified that State Rep. Murphy then came around the car and punched him in the face. Murphy then proceeded to choke him until he couldn't breathe.

But Representative Kevin Murphy's attorney says that's not true.

He believes Kevin Murphy never struck his wife, and he was defending himself against Hessmiller.

"He doesn't deny there was something, he denies he ever touched Denise and he was defending himself against Hessmiller, I think we've all been in the situation where someone comes at you, you take a defensive posture," said Murphy's Attorney, Paul Walker.

The defense attorney calls it a routine domestic case. He says the only reason it's in the news is because he's a state representative.

But the State Attorney General says, they're handling it no differently because of his position.

"It's our obligation to treat every complaint and claim the same and that's what we plan to do in this case," says Clarke Madden, Deputy Attorney General.

Murphy faces assault and harassment charges. He is due back in court in October.