Neighbors: Fix Our Dangerous Road

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BEAVER MEADOWS -- There have been three fatal crashes along Route 93 near Beaver Meadows. The latest was earlier this month, a man was killed.

Neighbors believe something has to be done.

"You can put an "X" On this highway and i would say within 25 feet of that's where all of these rollovers and fatalities have happened," said John Matyas, a neighbor.

Another man lost his life in April of last year. Some neighbors heard the crash and went to help.

"I never in my entire life that I would have to console and tend to a man who didn't have many more minutes to live," said Pat Ward, a neighbor.

Neighbors said every crash happens when it rains.

"It's terrible! There are two areas, there are two areas of water drainage that completely come across the road and the people don't realize they are there and they hit them and they start hydroplaning," said Priscillia Mulligan.

When a lot of the storm water sits and it rains heavily it's pushed out onto Hudson Drive here in Packer Township.

A County commissioner said he's had discussions with PennDot and they know the excess water on the road is dangerous

"I think a combination with the water runoff problem and speed the two are a deadly combinations," said Commissioner Tom Gerhard of Carbon County.

A PennDot spokesman says the agency is investigating, however, the it doesn't know when a fix will come about.

Neighbors fear someone else will be killed or hurt if something isn't done soon.