Lewisburg Green Dragons Super 16 Team #5

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A good nucleus still remains for a football program with 23 wins over the last two seasons. Out at Lewisburg head coach Todd Tilford and his entire staff. In place Jeremy Wynn the former Danville head coach and Bloomsburg QB coach is excited about the opportunity.

"Yes it is great. Not too many high school football programs get to play in a college football stadium and it's a neat atmosphere for them, and it's nice being right here in close. It's almost walking distance away. It will be neat almost like Penn State getting off the blue buses. We'll get off the buses and get right on the field Friday nights," said Jeremy Wynn.

Two years ago it was Nate Brown that lead the Green Dragons to an Eastern final and a school record for wins. Last year it was QB Cam Cassels and Merle Moscarello leading this Green Dragons team. This year that responsibility will fall square on the shoulders of senior linebacker Brandon Smith. He will be key on defense for the Green Dragons and on offense coach Jeremy Wynn wants to use the man at fullback.

"Brandon smith is going to be our fullback. The fullback is probably the most important position in terms of running the ball in the Wing T and we're going to put the weight on his shoulders and hopefully he'll carry us," again said Jeremy.

"We've been looking great. Actually the line is the best I've seen it in four years. It's blocking really well. Coach Wynn made some adjustments from Tilford and it's looking good. I think we're going to be running it pretty well," said Brandon Smith.

Nick Costagliola takes over for Cam Cassells at quarterback.

"Cam was a great quarterback. He was the leading passer for our school of all-time. So it's kind of hard to fill in for him, but I was moved up as a freshman so I know the offense pretty well. I'm just going to do my best to control it," said Nick Costagliola.

Super 16 team #5 the Lewisburg Green Dragons.