Keeping Kids Safe In Carbon County

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NESQUEHONING -- A group in Carbon County hopes to get more volunteers to protect school children from all kinds of danger. Officials all it takes is a sign.

Classes started this week for these children at the Panther Valley Elementary School in Nesquehoning Officials do their best to keep the kids safe and secure while in class.

A civic group wants to build on that level of safety for children who walk to and from school.
The Nesquehoning women's club is looking for volunteers to place yellow signs which read Safe Kids in the window of their homes.

Carol Zickler is the club President.

"The signs have to be posted in the front window of the people, who are home for the children who are going to school and are coming home," Zickler said.

Zickler said the purpose of the signs is to alert children if they feel threatened they can seek help at homes with the signs.

"If they are being bullied or if someone is after them with a car or truck. as long as the kids see these signs they know they can stop at the home if they need it." said Zickler.

Officials hope more people apply.  The program has been in Nesquehoning for a number of years and over that time participation has slowed. About 4 homes have the safe kids signs.

Corinne Kattner said she has one.

"I started doing that when my kids were small and oh my heavens that has to be 16-20 years that I have," said Kattner.

The sign at Corinne Kattners home is faded.  People who sign up are required to go through a police background check. That's to make sure volunteers don't have a criminal record.

Corrine Kattner went through that check and knows it's needed to further protect children asking for help.

"If you don't have anything to hide and you want to participate in something, you have to," Kattner said.

If you want more information about the Safe Kids program call Nesquehoning police or the Panther Valley Elementary School.