Isaac’s Impact at the Pump

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GREAT BEND -- Drivers have gotten used to up and down prices at the pump, but that doesn't mean a sudden Pike doesn't hurt.

At this station near great bend the price is now up to $3.79 a gallon, the highest this summer.

"Well, I'll tell you gas is outrageous. It's hard!!" said Frank Govlick.

"It's terrible. It's ridiculous.  It doesn't need to happen." said Ray Stone, of Flynn's Landscaping.

Stone fills up a lot here in Susquehanna County for Flynn's Landscaping.

What angers him and other drivers is how the price shot up this week just on word that now hurricane Isaac was approaching the gulf coast, days before the storm hits.

"Well sure it adds up but we have to eat it but we can't pass it along to the customer because most people are on retirement social security and stuff like that you know?" said Stone.

"It's going up more and more and when they bring the price down it comes down a few cents but when it goes back up it's like $0.10 at a time not $0.02 at a time," said
Linda Stone, of Hallstead.

Gas is up $0.30 in the last month just in time for the busy labor day travel weekend. But Linda Stone said her worry isn't travel.

There was an initial price hike because of Issac but analysts don't expect an extreme price hike because of the storm unless there is significant damage along the gulf this week. But drivers say the damage here has already been done.

"The prices are going up tremendously just because of the storm in the gulf. It seems like it's any excuse they can come up with they jack the prices," said John Cioci, of Johnson City, NY.

Cioci lives just over the border in New York state. He comes here because Pennsylvania is much cheaper, but still thinks the price hike hurts.

"Labor day is coming and that was a perfect excuse to jack the prices I think," said Cioci.