From Scranton to Baton Rouge

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SCRANTON-- Two volunteers from the Lackawanna County Chapter of the American Red Cross left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tuesday morning. 

The volunteers, in what's called an "emergency response vehicle," will feed recovery workers and people forced from their homes by Hurricane Isaac.

The volunteers explained they couldn't fly because airports in Louisiana are closed, and the Red Cross will need the truck to move food and supplies.  The drive will take about about 30 hours.

One of the volunteers is Mary Kay Goddard.  She said this is her 22nd national disaster relief mission in the 11 years she's been a Red Cross volunteer.  She was last in Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina seven years ago.  Goddard told us her mission is more than serving food.  She'll also be listening to storm victims who need to tell their stories, and that can be extremely important.

""Just being there to listen to them, if they have stories, if they're sad, just listen and a lot of them, that's good enough for they, they got it out to somebody that cares," said Goddard.

The volunteers from Scranton expect to be in Louisiana for about two weeks.