Woman Run Over by Bull at Fair Speaks Out

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HARFORD -- State police said a bull that was running wild at the Harford Fair Friday night in Susquehanna County was just an accident.

Even though troopers said they don't see anything criminal about the case, it still has a lot of people shaken up, including one woman who was hurt by the bull.

Cellphone video shows bulls on the loose at the Harford fairgrounds. It was a surreal scene Friday night for people trying to climb out of the way. Four bulls escaped, one of them ran wild for a while.

Most people were able to get out of its way, but some didn't.

Doris Henke is now home near Kingsley . After being run over by that bull, Henke was one of ten people sent to hospitals.

She's has been a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair for decades.  Now she's stuck in bed recovering from injuries, including what she believes was the bull's hoof to her head.

"He's running faster told me. I'm thinking, 'huh? huh?' I put my hands up to cover my face and then it knocked my chair and I went over, " said Henke, of Lenox Township.

Her motorized wheelchair is broken apart, that's kind of how she feels too.

"I'm trying to be cheerful about it because God is good, he'll get me through this," said Henke.

There were announcements at the fair pleading with people to get to safety after the bulls escaped following a rodeo.

State police now said it was all an accident that the bulls got away while being loaded onto a truck.

But they certainly caused chaos.

Teresa Marino and her daughter were at their food booth when the big bull came running toward them and they slammed the door on it.

They said rodeo workers were having trouble with that big bull during the show itself then it and the others got away.

"It's something I've never quite experienced before and I really wouldn't like to do it again," said Marino.

State police said 14 people in all were hurt, 10 were taken to hospitals.  Some were hurt by the bull itself, troopers said the others were hurt trying to get away from it.