Super 16 Team #8: Dallas

Super 16 Team #8 is Dallas!

The Dallas Mountaineers had a perfect regular season in 2011, going 10 and 0 with Coach Ted Jackson at the helm. But this is a new year, and the Mountaineers have a new coach in Bob Zaruta. The players are 100% behind Zaruta's game plan and are eager to have another undefeated season. Returning, defensive linemen, Buddy Shutlock and Logan Bullock, and wide receiver Jason Simonovich to make a lot of noise on offense. Back and better than before is senior quarterback, Ryan Zapoticky. The one major challenge for Dallas is replacing two former dream teamers in running back Jim Roccograndi and wide receiver Paul Brace. But, Dallas is deep in depth and ready for the 2012 season.


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