University of Scranton Move-In Day

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SCRANTON -- Boxes and boxes of stuff, suitcases full of clothes, bins filled with school supplies.

It's royal move-in day here at the University of Scranton.

Hundreds of freshman packed the halls for the start of the year.

And to the surprise of many parents and students. Were welcomed with door to door service by hundreds of volunteers.

"It took five hours to pack that truck, it took ten minutes for them to unpack it, so we're thrilled," said Dara Mastrodomenico, a parent.

The volunteers are part of the purple people helpers, students who helped the freshman move in all of their belongings.

As soon as students arrive, the movers jump right in and start carting items to their rooms.

The volunteers say they know what it's like to have to move their stuff on their own.

"I really appreciated it last year it's so much easier and it's fun, especially seeing the dad's faces, they love it, so they don't have to do all the work," said Megan Rohleder, a volunteer.

And it's such a big help students said, especially when you're in the car for several hours. The volunteers make moving somewhat enjoyable.

"They do it all, my bins are pretty heavy, I'm glad i don't have to lift those," Amanda Daru, a freshman.

"It makes it so much easier they just came and took everything out of our car, and it was done in two minutes so it was great," said Megan Zimmerman, a freshman.