Safety Improvements Underway in Carbon County

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WEATHERLY -- PennDOT started improving the safety at what neighbors call a dangerous intersection in Carbon County.

One woman is now using her truck as a barrier between her home and the traffic.

Over the last month there have been three collisions at the intersection of Buck Mountain Road and Lehigh Gorge Drive near Weatherly.

Vehicles have crashed into a porch, dangerously close to a home.

The situation has gotten so bad that the Houser family has parked their pickup truck to act as a barrier in case another vehicle comes speeding toward their home.

“I decided enough was enough. I decided that I would rather the truck get hit than someone on the porch or the porch,” said Cassandra Houser, a resident.

“I have a better feeling of protection better than having nothing. I am really scared after three times in a month,” said Sandy Fritz, a resident.

This picture shows safety improvements are underway by PennDOT. The first step was easy. Cutting brush that blocked drivers view of the intersection. This stop sign will be made larger and placed closer to the intersection, so drivers have a clearer view of oncoming traffic.

One of PennDOTs plans to make the intersection safer is to install a radar device which will tell drivers how fast they're going.

Neighbors said they believe speed and carelessness have caused most of the crashes.

“This has been going on for years for a long time, and it's only getting worse over the times,” said Laura Puzzetti, a resident.

PennDOT promises that neighbors should see crews installing more of the safety features next week.